Guidance and Accountability (Coaching)

You’re passionate about some stuff but you seem to always be stuck at work, you’re looking for inner peace but you’re also afraid of missing out…

You’ve been through a lot lately and that feels isolating….

You’re taking on a big new project and you need to stay focused…

Sometimes you need a trusted guide to encourage you, help you see a new perspective, and check your math.  Someone to give you that high-five when you’ve made it through a big push.  Whether you’re ready for a lifestyle  change or you just need some accountability, when it comes to manifesting your vision for yourself – almost no one does that without support.

My superpowers of Guidance and Accountability are especially strong when it comes to optimizing your range of life skills and connecting with spiritual principals.

So if you’re ready to declutter your mind, manage your time better, and get in touch with the magical elements of life – I just might be the one to help you get there…

I don’t consider myself a “coach” -sports metaphors and I have never mixed well, but you can think of  me like your spiritual wingman! (maybe more like “wing-Person”).  I use my expertise in Health and Wellness to give you Guidance and Accountability along with encouragement and some spiritual tools I like to call “Practical Magic”

I will help you map out a design for living that helps you stay on the beam and reach for balance in your mind, body, spirit, work, life, kids, savings account, doctor’s appointments, sleeping, waking, having fun, tackling hard stuff and sweating the small stuff.


Available in Person via Phone/Video Calling.  We’ll spend an hour together using guided meditation, deep listening, and other tools to help you  incorporate the principals of Yoga and other Spiritual Practices into every facet of your life to be a more focused, centered, and driven individual.

Meet in my Home Studio, go for a walk in City Park, talk over coffee, or take me to your gym
(I love cardio so you don’t have to!)

Let’s Chat about how it works. Schedule Free Assessment

Touchstone Session  $108
(60minute Call)
You wanna use a lifeline to phone a friend.  This is one call where you can get an objective perspective on your situation, some practical next steps and a compassionate voice of encouragement.  I’m here to listen.

3 Guidance Sessions $249 
(3-6weeks of Support)
We’ll assess your personal goals, form a gameplan and check in.   Astrology and Tarot Services Free at your request.  Regular Calls where you can process what is happening in your life without judgement and get a fresh perspective
Include Yoga and Relaxation in each session $300

6 Guidance Sessions $449
(6-12weeks of Support)
Meet regularly for one on one guidance developing your new skills.  Revitalize your relationship to productivity using the moon cycles/tides, and access your powers of intuition with guided Tarot and Astrology.   
Include Yoga and Relaxation in each session $525

12 Guidance Sessions $799 (12 Sessions)
(3-6 Months of Support) 
Break through mental, emotional and physical blocks and develop lasting habits.  Start using your powers of intuition everyday.  Cultivate practices for Psychic Self Defense.  This is the most interactive and hands on approach to your magically aligned reality.  Get on the beam and stay on the beam.  
Include Yoga and Relaxation in each session $899


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