The Good Stuff


You’re not into practicing yoga in a group, I get that – for sure.  

You’re new and you’d like to get the lay of the land before you tackle studio classes…

Or your body has a lot going on and you need someone who knows whats up.

Oh Honey!  You’ve got options – Start with a New Client Special Offer!


It’s time to start chipping away at your vision for yourself – like you have an idea of what you want to do but you can’t quite seem to get any momentum going or…

Life comes at you fast and you just can’t seem to keep track of everything – I’m here to help!  With gentle guidance and accountability.

Maybe you’ve heard about my Wheel of the Year Workshop.


Are you Ready to Level up your teaching to include differently able people On the Mat and revolutionize the outdated guru/disciple relationship?

Develop your skills as a Matside Professional and help people with specific circumstances gain access to the magic of yoga!