From Cookie Cutter to Diamond Cutter :: What they don’t teach you in 200hr Teacher Trainings

Let’s face it, just about every yoga enthusiast has obtained a 200hr certificate at this point – it’s become the equivalent of a High School Diploma.  Studios across America are churning out droves of certified yoga teachers to the tune of 3-7k per head.    Which for many studios is the means to keeping the doors open, and for many eager Yogis in a “drop-in” society –  it’s the only way to obtain a basic education in yoga philosophy and benefit from a curriculum based approach to the practice.

But once you start teaching a few classes you easily begin to see what you have yet to learn.   It’s very difficult for newer teachers to see beyond the scope of their own practice and their own bodies.  People come in all shapes and sizes and so do their biographies, bodies and worse, their expectations.  


Worst of all – you’re put in control as some kind of authority in a room full of people and you’re totally on you’re own if you have any questions.  You don’t have a more experienced co-worker in the room to help you troubleshoot your terrifying yoga teaching conundrums …

until now.

YOGA MATSIDE™ TEACHER TRAINING with AJ Durand is a direct hit when it comes to tackling the issues everyone faces in their first few years of teaching.

In this 8 week Comprehensive Immersion you will learn the ins and outs and finer details of common conditions like – undiagnosed lower back pain, injuries of the knee and their curative procedures, fibromyalgia and pain management, arthritis and inflammation, surgery and other medical procedures.

You’ll participate in 3 Matside Clinics getting hands on experience working one on one with actual clients designing a personalized yoga practice.

With the guidance of an experienced teacher

You’ll learn how our Biography becomes our Biology with an introduction to Psycho-somatics,  Myofacial Theories, and Understanding Emotional Trauma.

  • Practice exercising personal boundaries and psychic-self defense
  • Learn the Art and Science of Therapeutic Adjustments with Bea Doyle
  • create effective dynamic practices for people who can’t or won’t fit the vinyasa model without resigning them to restorative yoga.
  • Receive a Certificate of completion in Yoga Matside™ Course 1 Training
  • Earn 60 continuing education hours towards Balance Yoga Wellness 300hr Spectrum Training for 500hr Yoga Alliance RYT Certification

>>>Yoga Matside 8week Overview<<<

All-Inclusive Investment is $950

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